Uganda Pilot Project

Dr. Julie had taken a discovery trip to Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda to scout for her next volunteer service trip. She was ready to expand her efforts beyond Ghana and Honduras to East Africa, using her existing systems and her proven model for providing dental health services and education to far away, under-served nations. Little did she know at the time that she would later make an unexpected connection with neighboring Uganda.

Upon her return home to Portland, Oregon, at her local Rotary meeting, Dr. Julie was introduced to a new Rotarian from Italy. It turns out his wife, a Portland physician from Uganda, had started a non-profit to provide much needed medical services to her native rural village in her home country. Dr. Olivia Kamayangi was, coincidentally, seeking a dental provider to complete the health care offerings for her South Uganda Kigezi Women’s Healthcare Initiative.

This summer (August 2019), Dr. Julie and Dr. Olivia have booked a pilot project in Kakore, Uganda for a joint dental and medical brigade. They will get to know each other better and assess each other’s approach, work style and commitment to patient care.  Dr. Julie will also evaluate student accommodations, local transportation, infrastructure and available follow up care, to ensure a successful partnership. If all goes as planned, Dr. Julie will be returning regularly to Uganda with student volunteers to help improve the lives of the local villagers. 

Read more about our partnership with the South Uganda Kigezi Women’s Healthcare Initiative as featured in Tualatin Life.